Technology Development

Expeller design:

Expeller-designA prototype of hand operated expeller was designed. It is a simple machine for household use to extract oil from a variety of oil seeds. The expeller is capable of extracting oil from 1-1.5 kg seeds h-1. The expeller is heated externally using small lamp to create the heat required for oil extraction.

Pedal operated oil expeller:

Pedal-expellerThe hand operated oil expeller is mounted on a Gym Cycle for is operation. The expeller could be run continuously. The expeller is capable of crushing 2-3 kg seeds per hour

Motorized oil expeller

Motorized-expellerMini oil expeller is designed for rural application.  It is fabricated to crush about 8-10 kg of seeds h-1 using single phase 1.0 hp electric motor. The oil expeller is tested for different oil seeds like pongamia, neem, jatropha. It is found that the seeds with hard seed coat should be decorticated partially before feeding into the oil expeller. The efficiency of the expeller is further improved to expel 85% of the oil content in the seed   by the mini oil expeller.

Development of Decorticator



A prototype decorticator is developed for seeds like neem and jatropha. It is very simple; hand operated and can crush the outer hard seed coat. The seed coat can then be partially separated and used for oil expelling. The same decorticator also finds application in depulping of coffee seeds.

A motorized decorticator with capacity of 10-15 kg seeds per hour has also been developed. To handle large quantities of seeds, a motorized decorticator is developed that can decorticate about 80-100 kg seeds.

Biodiesel Unit:

A mini bio-diesel unit is developed for the demonstration of biodiesel production. The unit is designed and fabricated using polypropylene and has a capacity 20L/batch. The bio-diesel produced in the polypropylene reactor has been test as per BIS and ASTM standards. The advantage of the reactor is low material cost and material compatibility with oil, bio-diesel, alkali and acids.
Based on the observation a pilot plant was designed with a capacity of 50L/batch. The pilot plant consisted of a reaction chamber, catalyst tank, washing tank, hot water tank, evaporation tank for the complete operation. The unit has been tested for more than 200 batches successfully.